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Glyphosate, Pesticides, Industrial Poisoning and Resulting Neurological Effects? — and Questions Un-Answered?

How did past toxic chemical exposure (two to three generations prior) affect the whole human genome? Is it Voodoo Science?

Source: Glyphosate, Pesticides, Industrial Poisoning and Resulting Neurological Effects? — and Questions Un-Answered?

Glyphosate, Pesticides, Industrial Poisoning and Resulting Neurological Effects? — and Questions Un-Answered?

Introducing pesticides into agriculture saved countless lives by feeding many of the poorest of the poor. Bountiful harvests have been the hallmark of the late 20th century and part way into the 21st as well. However, there appears an unwanted, if not horrific, effect of pesticides upon human physiology and health.

The pesticides such as glyphosphate (RoundUp [TM] ) and organo-phosphate pesticides (insecticides) are strongly implicated in the physiological and neurological problems in new borns. The evidence strongly suggests that children born of farm workers and children exposed in urban settings (in close proximity to household pesticides) to lice and roach treatments suffer disproportionately in contrast to their more affluent peers.

While the ag-business may not subscribe to such data or conclusions, there may have been  reasons  for the skepticism. In the 1970s, glyphosphate was invented, and much data was generated on the toxicity of the chemical. What was known in that time period was the rapid degradation of the herbicide. It would rapidly degrade in sunlight and seemed to pose little if any harm (references at the end of the post). Thus, it seemed as if the ag- business had invented a miracle —a truly non-toxic herbicide.

That news was greeted by most as cause for celebration, since Agent Orange was a debacle of the Vietnam War (in the early-to-mid 1970s). Many an American Veteran returned from  Vietnam with mysterious symptoms that seemingly defied medical description. All too often, I heard from my uncles, who served during WWII and Korea–it made no sense that they had been exposed to quite a few industrial chemicals during their tours but showed no ill effects. Moreover, their newborn children seemingly escaped harm. — or did they?

A Case of Voodoo Science? –Oral History or Coincidence?

Although the data seems quite spurious and anecdotal, what needs to be investigated— the links between past exposures to generational ancestors and the present day alterations  to the human genome. WWII saw numerous countries turn their economies into war machines–industrial centers like SF-Oakland Bay Area and Detroit, Michigan turned much of their industrial waste back into the Pacific Ocean or the Great Lakes. Much of the industrial area roadways became breeding grounds for chemical sterility. Higher levels of Pb (lead), Cr (chromium), As (arsenic) and other elements are found on the freeways of inner urban areas. It does not take a rocket scientist to surmise — we poisoned our inner cities– but no one understood why aspects of crime, economics, and poor school performance became the hall-marks for their areas. While other factors make it plain that the areas were neglected due to indifference and lack of small business attractiveness–there were other (so-called) reasons.

What may need  to be answered is: how did past toxic chemical exposure (two to three generations prior) affect the whole human genome as we now know it? Is the question relevant or is it ‘fear-mongering’? 0r Is it Voodoo Science?

The Science Speaks!

What can be said for certain– “….  (glyphosate) use has increased approximately 100-fold since the first decade of its use in the 1970s.  … Initial risk assessments of glyphosate assumed a limited hazard to vertebrates because its stated herbicidal mechanism of action targeted a plant enzyme not present in vertebrates. … ”  –taken from:

National Institutes of Health  — Review article:  Concerns over use of glyphosate-based herbicides and risks associated with exposures: a consensus statement

Link between hazardous chemicals and neurological problems — Opens up to YouTube lecture from the University of California, Davis, MIND Institute

Industrial Chemicals and Autism Link — Epidemiological studies    — Exposure studies

environmental study    Metabolism and Degradation of Glyphosate in Soil and Water (1976)


Pesticide Exposure and Effects on Estrogen Receptors — Biochemical study

Toxic Pesticides of the Late 20th Century — Opens up to article



Early agriculture

By Deutsch: Maler der Grabkammer des Sennudem English: Painter of the burial chamber of Sennedjem [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons




OPINION: Zika Virus–Harbinger of a Complex World

The arrival of the Zika virus promises to be the tip of a proverbial iceberg of problems. That is how many environmentalists view it and the other deadly viruses that have plagued our planet of late. While most notable, public scientists have railed against inactivity that many corporations have pursued– there is no defacto scientist or environmentalist that quickly springs to mind as a spokesperson for the ‘little man’?

The activism of the 1960s and 70s is a faded memory for most. However, the standard-bearers seem to be the groups of individuals– like the Sierra Club or the NRDC…. The groups are great for galvanizing and polarizing opinions into  two camps of individuals.

The obvious problem is — the continued polarization of the US populace. It has resulted in a divided country that, at times, sounds quite disgusting. If it were not a presidential election year–we would have not known the extent  of bigotry  that plagues the US. Zika will cross our borders … No wall can keep mosquitos away…





The figures are adapted from the publication: Moritz U.G. Kraemer and others. The global distribution of the arbovirus vectors Aedes aegypti and Ae. Albopictus Published: 30 June 2015


Our public policies should be to address the coming problems that will accompany warming of the planet—not building walls to keep away the so-called undesirables. At this juncture we can decide to pull together and keep safe our fellow humans. It is often stated– “it is how you treat the least among you– that will dictate your truest and darkest outcome.”  Whether it is  labeled Christianity or Karma— it matters little. It is the coming problems we face that should galvanize our world and not divide us up much like the Tower of Babel.



Here is my hope and almost a prayer… That we can come together and stop the divisive rhetoric. Hate speech may be covered under the First Amendment— but the the US populace will tread a dark path if it continues to find scapegoats to blame… We know better— our hearts seek love as well. In the end, we must ask ourselves– is hatred justified?





Survival of Life: Something Resembling It–a brief return.


Panspermia is a topic that falls into and out of favor often. It is not that there is no substance to the paradigm, revolutionary and normal science will find other ‘grails’ worthy for investigation. However, the present research problems surrounding panspermia deal in areas of survivability–can life survive long periods of radiation and an extreme cold–or can life survive the multi-megaton impact upon reaching Earth?

Perhaps one measure of how life’s molecularity can survive cometary impacts is the near-extinction event of early Earth history. Dinosaurs became extinct when a large NEO impacted the Yucatan peninsula. Generations afterward, the first mammals took over the Earth–life didn’t quite resemble the previous generations. Genetic analysis seemingly points towards an abrupt but distinct lineage. Thus–it may be posited that life’s molecular nature, once established, is not readily displaced from its ‘beachhead.’

With this prefatory comment in place, I now discuss the issue of comets…

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