Prejudice Comes in Many Stripes?

Many of my posts in 2018 dealt with the civil rights and the ways people  gave themselves a sense of coping and justice. Possessing the ability to tolerate hate and injustice is one of the hallmarks of inner peace and serenity. 

So, I will write and comment on the issue in the context of Border walls to the South and the injustices faced by Hispanics and others.

So, let’s start–


When the Christopher Columbus landed in Hispaniola in 1492 – he brought disease, death, and suffering to two continents of the Americas. While he may have believed that Catholicism could save the Indian and liberate the land for Spain, the parochial outlook of Columbus is not over emphasized.

As related in the book 1492, the Americas were a land of plenty to the original Americans. The original Americans knew how to steward the land properly. They burned acre upon acre of foliage and tree and deposited the ash into the soil. The subsequent ash enriched the soil — the Indian planted native crops and subsisted upon vegetation and bison.

The bison, to the Indian, were not as numerous as depicted in accounts by many of the early settlers. The Indian knew to not slaughter all of the bison — but enough remained, so that in subsequent seasons, new bison replaced the hunted bison.

When the first settlers came upon the virgin forests of Kentucky and the thousands of head of bison in the Ohio river valley (and beyond), they encountered an anomaly. Thousands upon thousands of Indians had lived in the Ohio river valley and in the states of Kentucky and Tennessee. They were gone– but why and how?

Popularizations of savage Indians being slaughtered by settlers tells a reckless half-truth — the Indians disappeared. Yes, they died at the hands of settlers -but not only by the gun. It was through small pox, the plague, and viral infections that settlers brought with them from Europe.

Not much is made of the fact that European horses brought small pox and the settlers brought tuberculosis, as well. These two diseases decimated the Indian populations east of the Rockies.

The settlers — in their brand of wisdom — did not realize the Indians had been on American continents for thousands of years prior to their arrival. However, the Indians possessed wisdom and not ignorance as suggested by some.

The Truth?

While the settlers utilized their own brand of wisdom garnished from experience and the Bible, the indian understood the land and the wisdom gained by working the land. Over thousands of years, the original Americans learned that they could not cruelly take and not replenish the resources of their homes. 

Presently, civilization stands at a nexus point –a crossroads where the continuation of not replenishing the land and it resources could spell extinction for some. As some who fail to understand that it is wrong to not replenish the land, they may disappear in an ironic act of karma. However, karma, for all of its irony and bitter truths, is a law of our own Earth –or how we act through our miss-perceptions of existence. Karma is chauvinistic view of our world and the Universe.

While I have as yet not found karma to be the accurate justification for losses and gains, it is humanity’s personal law of retribution and existence. Scientifically speaking, there is no physical evidence for a law of karma –only an ignorance to one’s actions and the effects of the actions taken. Thus, when some speak of karma coming to their assistance, individuals invoke propagating ignorance. And perhaps, their own extinction is at stake, as well if they’re not careful. 


While it may never pan out for some – what is real and true in the physical world are the laws of science- biology, physics, chemistry, and their allied fields.


What of Bigotry?

Well, at the roots of bigotry are hate, ignorance, and false pride; or, in certain contemporary terms, narcissism. Narcissism is an interesting term — it is bandied about in many venues. From evil-bosses and sexist chauvinists to political leaders and ex-lovers, we hear about and see a lot of it. 

This is where “change can take place” – real and unabashed change. This present age of hated, whether personal or overt, presents reasons for some to affect change.

How?- let me list a few:

  • set an example for others 
  • gently confront or correct others in their misdeeds
  • write and expose to the wider public the persons responsible
  • act in concert in a group setting — when was the last time you noticed a group of individuals act kindly and compassionately towards hate?
  • get the right authorities to act –if they exist, to enforce laws that violate basic, human rights

Bigotry can not co-exist with truth, love, and justice — they are polar opposites.



Extraordinary Claims of Martian Fossils and the Evidence ?


This Martian meteorite contains molecular signatures that may change how we see life. NASA [Public domain]

Scientists draw on experimental results to answer important scientific questions. When an extraordinary claim happens, the scientist answered experimental questions with seemingly, incredible answers: potential Martian fossils.

Meteorite ALH84001, discovered in Antarctica in 1984 by NASA scientists, was ejected from Mars about 15 million years ago by an asteroid or meteor strike. According to scientists, ALH84001 was orbiting in our solar system space during most of that time. Surprisingly, the meteor fell to Antarctica only 13,000 years ago. 

Seemingly, Martian microfossils were found in Meteorite ALH84001 in 1996. While the claim by NASA scientists of microfossils is not completely correct – evidence was presented by the scientists that lent credence to a potential find of past life. Eventually, the claim was fomented by public opinion and even the president Clinton White House commented on the find. 


Earthen microfossils are several orders of magnitude larger than the purported Martian microfossils. Images by Frank Rattray Lillie, Carl Richard Moore, and Alfred Clarence Redfield

We need to first define microfossil?

What are Microfossils?

The Merriam Webster Dictionary of the English language defines microfossil:

Noun, A small fossil that typically can be studied only microscopically and that may be either a fragment of a larger organism or an entire minute organism

While many of us have seen a fossil, we rarely ask ourselves what about microfossils?

An Extraordinary Claim?

Meteorite ALH84001, analyzed thoroughly by NASA scientists in 1996 – seemed to  contain micro-fossils  within the rock. The shapes-contained in and chemical analysis within the rock resembled past life forms, according to NASA scientists.

The evidence for potential past life was the following:

(1)   The shapes of Martian fossils resembled earthen micro-fossils – namely cyanobacteria.

(2)   The Martian fossils encapsulated trace amounts of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons.

(3)   The so-called fossils possessed magnetic properties – much like earthen Magnetites.

(4)   All important chemical components from the fossil contained chemicals from Mars only- no cross contamination from Antarctica

Fake Fossils

Purported microfossils from Mars. While the long worm-like structure resembles ancient Earth fossils, most scientists agree it is not from Martian life. Image by NASA

According to NASA scientists, Mars was inhospitable to life in 1996. In essence, the claim of fossilized lifeforms was extraordinary. If Mars harbored life, scientists believed the planet must have, at one time, resembled the Earth. Mars, in 1996, appeared  dry and inhospitable — and without liquid water or breathable air.

While having liquid water is a major prerequisite for life, Mars’ past remained mysterious.

However, let’s look at the incident.

What are the Chemical Components Behind Martian Fossils?

Earthly fossilization processes occur as minerals from the soil seep through the membranes of the dead organism.  That process is permineralization. Martian permineralization processes are unknown.

In a 2012 publication from NASA, the scientists drew the following conclusions-

  • The purported fossils were calcium carbonate encapsulations of  Martian geology- its formation may be either biological or a strictly inorganic process.
  • Within the encapsulations are trace amounts or polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, Martian minerals containing iron, silicon, sulfur, and more carbonate.
  • The chemistry of formation is typical to both Earth and Mars- however its real origins are in doubt.
  • There is no evidence for Martian cyanobacteria.
  • Water needed to be present for the formation of the Martian ‘fossils.’ Water is present on Mars today and was in the distant past.
  • Humans or robotic missions must retrieve Martian soil and rocks — regiolith.

What Can We Say About Mars?

One can look at photographs of Mars from current NASA missions – one gets the sense of a desolate planet that once had water flowing in certain areas. The Martian geology also shows signs of water levels that receded over long periods of time and a lot of sand in other areas, as well. However, we see no signs of past life- no bones or macro-fossils in any area.

In a 2018 publication by NASA scientists, we note that if there was ever life on the planet, we need to dig and extract Martian rocks from below. NASA scientists cite the extreme ultraviolet radiation from the sun and cosmic rays from universe that penetrate the Martian soil (up to the first 9 feet, at least).

That is an answer to why we don’t see Martian life – life that we do not recognize or understand. Life based upon DNA.

Mars soil

The Martian surface is red because of an oxidation process. The iron, in the Martian soil, oxidizes to rust or Iron Oxide (Fe2O3). In fact, iron is not the major component of Mars- it silicon. Image from the NASA Pathfinder mission 1997.

Ordinary Science To Prove or Disprove Extraordinary Claims?

The statement, “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence” was stated by Carl Sagan in his landmark series, Cosmos- A Personal Voyage. The statement needs to be restated – presently, scientists cannot prove or disprove whether Mars has life. A flat statement of life on a distant planet is an unproven claim -thus ordinary experimentation that can take up to several decades to prove or disprove the claim.

The passage of time renders an experiment extraordinary or unsolved. However, recent experimentation on similar meteorites point at the life’s signatures in chondrite meteors. Chondrite meteors bear primarily carbon-bearing molecules– ones similar to ALH84001.


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At the Santa Fe Institute

The brain is perhaps one of the last frontiers. It is also the ultimate black box–


One of the main desires that a scientist has (yes, we have wants and desires just like everyone else!) is to be recognized by other scientists. I got a taste of such recognition just a couple of weeks ago. In early December (Note: This happened in December 2017), I participated in an invitation-only event at the Santa Fe Institute in New Mexico (SFI from now on).

What is the SFI? I’m glad you asked. It is the “The world headquarters for complexity science”, nothing more, nothing less. For a primer on what exactly complexity science is, please go here. Briefly, complexity science encompasses pretty much everything, from the behavior of molecules, organisms, populations (remember my flock of birds post?), epidemics, economies, solar systems, and galaxies… and this is just a small sample of what is it about!

The institute has been described in many ways…

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November 2018 #metoo and #8yearsinPower and a #Solution


If it wasn’t for the bumbling stupidity of the Republican mysogyny, a lot of the of the gains of the 2018 midterms would not have occured. Facts remain the same- money will dictate how most will vote. In my opinion, this is a sad indictment of the status quo.

Not only have we failed to squelch racism– it still rules many parts of the country — it is in the form of gerrymandering and voter suppression.

What we have learned is that more needs to be done-

Money from the far Right must be countered with a mainstream attempt from the Left to tell it like it is. Not back down — I, for one, plan to be more socially active in the coming year especially when it comes to calling a spade a spade. No more backing away — from political activism and countering falsehoods with the truth.

I will be posting my attempts on this blog to counter what I believe to be falsehood straight-on.




Where were you in 1968?


The american sprinters Tommie Smith,John Carlos and Peter Norman during the award ceremony of the 200 m race at the Mexican Olympic games. During the awards ceremony, Smith and Carlos protested against racial discrimination: they went barefoot on the podium and listened to their anthem bowing their heads and raising a fist with a black glove. Mexico City, Mexico, 1968 Mexico city, Mexico, 1968



Where were you in 1968? I was just a child who didn’t know enough about the world–let alone what it meant to be repressed. My heart presently bleeds as I attempt to fathom the duplicity and lack of respect shown to immigrants. Children being separated from their mothers and kept in detention for weeks… How did we get here America???

Ramblngs: Curt Flood– Exemplary Role Model with a Golden Glove

By John A. Jaksich

Curt Flood played for three teams during his Major League Career: Cincinnati Reds, St. Louis Cardinals and the Washington Senators. He would have been regarded as Hall of Fame status in some circles. However, Mr. Flood is presently regarded as a Civil Rights figure that was many years ahead of his time.

You see, Curtis Charles Flood is responsible for challenging how baseball players were regarded by their owners. Curt Flood protested the trade that would have sent him to the Philadelphia Phillies. He refused to be regarded as property– he sued MLB and shortened his playing career. However, with his actions, he set the stage for future players to be paid salaries that they felt were deserving-of. His actions allowed Reggie Jackson to become a New York Yankee and not play for the Oakland Athletics.

Mr. Jackson, at the time. was a premier player with the Oakland ballclub. The team owner was  Mr.  O’Finley. He paid the players lower wages than they felt they deserved for the time. The team had won 3 world championships and the players felt they deserved better salaries. The city loved their team– its citizens could not have been prouder. But, behind the veil of ownership was a tight-fisted businessman. Whether he viewed his players as property is not known, however- his players wanted better.

What Does It All Mean?

Further examination of Mr. Flood’s actions should lead many of us to question how we regard our own loyalties. Many of us have careers and jobs that we enjoy; and in some ways, many of us don’t have to worry about being “owned by our employer.” Many times, we are free to choose how long we can continue to work at a particular employer. However, much of what we do and say in the era of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the others, is subject to scrutiny.

Much of what is being scrutinized is our First Amendment rights in the US. While the Internet has no real borders, to many US citizens- losing our Civil Rights is a big deal. What many whites don’t understand — it is privilege that minorities don’t quite enjoy as well as they do.

If you look at close enough, much of the backlash of Social Media is a bad reflection of how many minorities have lived. Let me indulge the reader: One must live an exemplary and extraordinary life just to be online. Many minorities have lived in that manner — just to be accepted by the powers-that-be (white men who hold purse strings).

A Step Further?

If a non-minority had broken the law or stepped out-of-line with the police– there was no fear of potential violence against them. Whites, as a rule, can get away with some of the crimes that they commit after paying their debt to society. Many blacks, hispanics, and many others don’t get the luxury. It was taken away from them by a white ruling class that based its principles upon “so-called Christian ethics.”

The gospel of compassion was not on the minds of the white ruling class. We ‘white people’ felt our God was as white as our so-called souls -however, little did we know the truth.

God has no boundaries nor questions the love he gives. Pure love has no boundaries and sees no color (whatever it maybe)!

Not only that: True Compassion is Color Blind. (The real bigger truth).

While many of us stated emphatically that we felt no guilt because of what transpired  beyond our cozy apartments and homes, we were and still are complicit in what has transpired during our own watch. If we claim Christianity as our anchor, then we need to be compassionate and question personal motives everyday. From sunrise to sunset, we need to acknowledge that we have failed ourselves and our neighbors. We need to heal  the wounds of our own divisive ways.


However, there was a time when not everyone had that luxury. That time was not more than 40 years ago. While the 1960s are celebrated for the advances in Civil Rights, much  needs to be addressed. Not only does Jim Crow Esq. affect minorities, it makes cowards of many of us whites. We don’t want to lose our jobs because we spoke out against racism and indignity. Not only athletes –but all of us need to stand up against racist dogma.

The Take Away?

While many of us do what we can on a daily basis, we are too complacent. Many of us need more backbone-

And it may take some time…. time that many don’t have…. our brothers and sisters who lose parents at the border because the US once represented freedom ….. 😦

Informal Bibliography:

We Were Eight Years in Power: An American Tragedy

 Ta-Nehisi Coates





The June Swoon?

The June Swoon? For anyone who has heard of the term, one origin comes from US Baseball. It has referred to a team whose fortunes swung so badly in matter of one month. Among the teams that have the term referred to them are: Chicago Cubs and SF Giants.

However, I am continuing my series of posts honoring those brave individuals that have or continue to make a difference.

Thus, I am saluting the athletes who dared to challenge the status quo over the last year. When someone, in the public eye, takes a stand against repression and bigotry — they need recognition. Some may argue – athletes make too much money and it does not make a bit of difference if they stand or kneel. Well, for those who wondered whether athletes are looked up by children– they certainly are admired by children.

Most of us grew up following a baseball, football, or a basketball team– and many wanted to emulate the players.



However with the uproar of some– certain, present day athletes have made it a point to protest against violence against people of color. Not only that — it has caught the attention of team owners and unsavory politicians. The powers-that-be don’t want to controversy to mark their precious reputations.


Oh– how will they make it to heaven?? Not only that – they act like they own the players outright….. Oh, what will they do??

“Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit. We are all the same in this notion: The potential for greatness lives within each of us.” Wilma Rudolph

JUNE will salute the athletes who have made a difference!


Batter Up??