Where were you in 1968?


The american sprinters Tommie Smith,John Carlos and Peter Norman during the award ceremony of the 200 m race at the Mexican Olympic games. During the awards ceremony, Smith and Carlos protested against racial discrimination: they went barefoot on the podium and listened to their anthem bowing their heads and raising a fist with a black glove. Mexico City, Mexico, 1968 Mexico city, Mexico, 1968 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1968_Olympics_Black_Power_salute



Where were you in 1968? I was just a child who didn’t know enough about the world–let alone what it meant to be repressed. My heart presently bleeds as I attempt to fathom the duplicity and lack of respect shown to immigrants. Children being separated from their mothers and kept in detention for weeks… How did we get here America???

One thought on “Where were you in 1968?

  1. I wrote this on my blog on August 17, 2017:

    “But I can also understand, and accept, why John Carlos and Tommie Smith took the action they did in Mexico City in 1968. I watched it live and admired the courage it must have taken them to do that.

    Why do I say “courage?” Because even at the tender age of 17, I could foresee the repercussions, social and financial, each of them would face, both immediately and long-term, for being the messenger of a nation’s problem.

    But for my part, their courage made me think, seriously, about the conditions in this country that inspired Smith’s and Carlos’ concerted action.

    I grew up relatively comfortable in a nice middle-income family living in a nice suburban post-WW II tract home in the San Fernando Valley less than 25 miles from where the Watts riots had occurred.

    But I’d never been there nor thought too much about what the riots were all about.

    So, here I am today, fifty years later, being reminded that those conditions still exist today and that racial and religious intolerance still abounds.

    I admire courage and people who take courageous actions or demonstrate courageous thought.

    Today, that includes Colin Kaepernick and Michael Bennett. Mr. Bennett gave a remarkable speech on CNN yesterday on why he sat during the anthem during this past week’s game.

    Their actions are not dividing the nation. So, ultra-patriots should stop shooting the messengers and address the problem.”


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