Confusion and Darkness? Finding your Way…

It is often said, confusion and darkness ensue when dark lies are spread. Covering up the truth for the sake of expediency seems to be Standard Operating Procedure for some. It is normal for some of us seeking to remain in the shadows. However, the deceitfulness that accompanies a dark lie can be especially hurtful.

Two Types of Lies: White and Dark

The question will arise: are all lies bad? Technically speaking -yes. The best manner to be able to tell whether a lie is dark or not–is to ask the question– Who are your harming by concealing the truth? If children, families or a large swath of people stand to be harmed from your lie–then it is better to avoid that lie. A Dark lie spreads and conceals the truth from a large number of people; it is hurtful and robs generally honest people from choices and a sense their sense of free will.

However, there are a set of lies where we tell ourselves and to others. These lies can be meant to mask embarrassment for the teller or someone else. These are known as white lies.


Let’s take a couple of cases of each:

White Lie #1:

Your spouse or loved-one asks– Did you remember to buy me a Wedding Anniversary present this year? ANSWER– Oh, yes. I have hid it until after after this evening’s dinner. …. [Well, this trite answer is meant to spare your loved one (and you) emotional pain under the best of circumstances. — It can be a white lie, especially if you have a well meaning heart– and you follow through in a timely manner.]


White Lie #2:

You are going to a friend’s house and they call you while you are en-route– Did you remember to bring the hot links and beer?  ANSWER– Yes I did. I will be there shortly. [And again, it is a  trite answer meant to avoid embarrassment and emotional pain for the both you.—If you do follow through –it is usually a no harm/no foul situation. ]

On the other hand, Dark lies are shadowy and can be evil. The intentions of many dark lies is to avoid punishment and conceal your evil intentions from the outset. Let’s try to illustrate–


Dark Lie #1

You have stolen money (it could be a sizable amount) from your place of employment. Many times this is referred to as embezzlement or larceny. Why is this evil? For the most part, your employer and fellow employees trust you. (And, again there is the issue of concealment.) If you steal a lot of money, and you avoid detection– your employer may lose his business or your fellow employees will lose their jobs. Oftentimes, a loss of a job will put a family in a lot of stress. Divorces may ensue and the children will suffer the most (sadly so). 

Dark Lie #2

You tell yourself and your friends that you are a social drinker. You drink to get drunk every weekend. You find yourself becoming drunk during the weekday, as well. This pattern of behavior can lead to lying to yourself — and eventually a broken marriage, broken home, loss of friends, death ,and may be cyclical if you are an addict. This destructive form of lying is referred to self deception or ‘denial’ — in psychiatric circles. While it may seem to be self-destructive to only one person– addiction (and denial) put the next generation of people at risk. It is our children who suffer all too often when we conceal lies and tell false  hoods to ourselves. That form of lying is passed down from one generation to the next.

Darkness and Confusion– What do you mean? Free at last….

Issues of darkness (and confusion) refer to a state of  mind and behavior. The concealment of the truth can and does lead to confusion and further lying, as well.

The case in point that has been prevalent in the U.S. since its inception is racism. This wholly American sin– is perhaps the most egregious of this country’s sins. It has become seemingly persistent.

While only a few founding fathers, if any, of the US wanted to banish racism — it persisted to this day. The most egregious example of it resides presently at the White House.

The Examples of Freedom?

There is little freedom when parts of the population practice bigotry….. For those of us who wish to see bigotry banished, the path needs to be one of inclusivity.


MLK day 1_15_18

The practice of inclusivity needs to be a 24hour 7 day a week practice. I hope my great grandchildren grow up in a world in which The Dream of Dr. King is practiced and not relegated to a memory! Free at last! Image by John A. Jaksich


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