Human Rights January -Darkness cannot drive out darkness…

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. MLK Jr.
While it is well known love banishes hate, many of us experience a form of hate that conforms to societal norms. We may feel that that ‘the man’ needs to banished…or problems are centered on corporate greed…or gangs, drugs, and crime.
The truth be told–those are the symptoms of  hate (evil). Hate starts with the lies or deceptions that are allowed to persist in the face of goodness. 
While it seems cliche or trite to say or write these words, attempting to drive out hate or evil means that we recognize it in ourselves in two ways. We must see it in ourselves and its perpetration upon others.
So we might ask ourselves, how and where do we recognize the face of evil?

Finding Hate (Evil) in Ourselves?

Psychologists, psychiatrists, or social workers (those professionals well-acquainted with human behavior) inform us that hate or evil begin by telling lies to ourselves. We can be in a state of denial of what we see, know, or do. It is the seemingly innocent white lie we tell to ourselves: “What?? Did I have anything to do with this? – and of course we truly believe that we didn’t.”

Believing that we are above the fray is the first error in judgment.

The hate or darkness that all of us have in ourselves finds its locus trapped around a selfish heart.

Letting ourselves come first with no regard for others.

MLK’s Life-long Examples?

Dr. King understood that racism was a form of  “faith” — or in other words, a race believed its superiority to another by the virtue of its biological identity. They were superior because of a pre-ordination from God.  In his work, The Dilemma of White America  Where Do We Go From Here, Dr. King recognized the endemic nature racism. The non-violent response to racism the best way to defeat it–since the racists were able to terrorize through violence. Using non-violence as the response to racism worked well simply because it was the right time for it.

How do We Presently Respond to Jim Crow Esq.?

The present battles for equality have jumped the boundaries that were recognized in previous generations. Simply exposing racists and non-violent responses will not work in every venue of bigotry.

Each response to racism needs  to dealt with through a measured response– each upon its own form and type.

The responses of Colin Kapernick and other athletes through peaceful demonstration brought out the bigots in full force to attempt to shame them and the football-loving public. However, more needs to be done–and sooner rather than later…

How do we respond to racism? Athletes leading the way?

Through the teachings of non-violence, the foundations to responding to Jim Crow Esq.  were laid.

Ultimately, this battle against hate and evil will be won when it is recognized that each one of us needs to throw off the shackles of hate from our own hearts. For some of us, that battle may take a life time…but the sooner each one of us recognizes our own faults–the better off we all will be…..


I do recommend the following reading materials (they are written by the late Dr. M. Scott Peck)– Simon and Schuster Publishers

People of the Lie- The Hope for Healing Human Evil (1983)


The Different Drum- Community Making and Peace (1987)




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