Extending High School to Five Years: A Grown-up’s Opinion

While many 17-18 year old young adults look forward to leaving their parent’s nest, it is precisely that flight from home that needs inspection.

Too many young adults find themselves in situations that they would not have ever dreamt of. From drunk driving to other forms of mischief, this crowd finds itself making decisions that are dicey. The reasons for miscreant behavior can, in part, be found in their lack of maturity.

As I recall my foray into adult-hood, what sticks out the most is the dewey-eyed idealistic notions of what it meant to be an adult. I thought I was impervious to any bad decisions. I did not understand how any poor decisions  were to impact my future outlook and behavior for the next several years.

Other pertinent reasons– mental health issues manifest themselves in the early years of adulthood. The on-set of schizophrenia or bipolar disorder are two illnesses that (if unchecked) can be deadly.


Early Adult Behavior

Early adult-hood is fraught with mistakes that can scar the human soul. Why not give these 17-18 year olds time to understand their actions do have implications. Image by John A. Jaksich

Some fairly heavy stuff can happen when you are 17-18 years old — so I am making the following suggestion:


Let’s make our 17-18 year children spend one extra year in High School, as volunteers in service to either their country, their state, their community, or their religious faith.

This is not as stupid as it may sound to some. Let’s give them the latitude to make their mistakes but with fewer scars. Who would not want to turn back and reverse the mistakes made as a 17-18 year old? Mistakes made as an early adult can and do affect you. I am just arguing in favor of letting our new-adults learn about life without the scars that can adversely affect them.


Peace in the coming New Year-



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