Wave of the Future

Presently I am being published at decodedscience.com  & I am inviting anyone who would be interested in subscribing to the site to stop by and first take a look. Things being as they are with the publishing world—paper subscriptions are certainly not dead–but many of us spend time and our personal resources to find, write and self-publish. In the not-so-distant-past, much of the content that is presented would fetch a decent living for science writers and writers in general. The present model of piling ‘ads to pay for content’  cannot go ad nauseam.

Peruse the content at decodedscience and perhaps you will agree that content that is worthy of pay —is justified.

Here are their links: (just copy and paste to your browser if needed)




PLEASE NOTE: I will continue to post my regular content approximately once to twice per month on this site and silentastronomerII.com

I do apologize if anyone feels that this is spam—> it isn’t and I will see you in a week with new content here as well!!  for free!




2 thoughts on “Wave of the Future

  1. vectorofscience

    I noticed that you are involved in a number of scientific writing websites and thought it worthwhile to make contact. I’m starting a new blog on infectious disease (http://gvaop.wordpress.com/), and I was wondering whether you have any tips for getting involved with these communities. It’s obviously early days for me, but I thought that the sooner I can understand how to get involved, the sooner I will!

    1. jaksichja Post author

      It took me awhile –however you should register at scienceseeker.org, linkedin, & comment on posts that you truly enjoy reading and that you learn from–it does take time and patience.
      Since you are on the path to getting a Ph.D.—I believe you will have an easier time than I have had (?) but it is truly individual.


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