Searching exo-solar skies with Colossus—a new Telescope

Unique Design of Colossus Optical/IR telescope: The Gregorian focus of the telescope.

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The unique design was developed by Innovative Optics Ltd. Of Canada

URL of Innovative Optics Ltd.


There are some in the astronomical community who wish to hasten the pace of SETI—and that is good news. Given we cannot reach other exo-solar habitable zones, readily communicate with, nor discern all spectra of biosignatures, an achievable SETI project is currently in the works. The project named Colossus is a promising candidate for the following reasons: (1) when completed it will be the largest land-base optical/ir telescope (2) the design of the new 74-meter scope searches for ‘earth-like’ biosignatures (thermal signatures) (3) the search is non-invasive (or passive by design) and (4) Colossus is privately funded by entrepreneurs and scientists.

Whereas past SETI projects received a lot of government funding and input, the current project does not answer to the government and is better focused. I learned of the project from a SETI Institute Google+ hangout video—and I was wholly impressed by the speaker’s range and depth of knowledge.

The process of detecting another Earth-like civilization is learning to understand the ‘laws of thermodynamics.’ As a species we consume a lot of energy and thereby produce heat because of our energy consumption. (I don’t speak of global warming.) The signature of energy consumption differentiates us from a planet that is solely inhabited by bacteria or animals—if you will. It is, in a word, commonsense. Thus—the so-called biosignature is a heat signature, as well. The human, heat signature impacts the atmospheric chemistry which influences the spectral biosignatures.



SETI Talk – The Colossus Project: Designing an optical/IR instrument to detect life outside the solar system

Project Website




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