Astrophotography Awards

I enjoyed reading this blog entry—it is cool to see youth learn more of the sky!

Telescopes in Schools

On Saturday afternoon, Scienceworks and Melbourne Planetarium hosted our first (hopefully of many) Astrophotography Competition Award ceremony. This was an event to celebrate the work that the participants from the TiS program had done over the past two years and an opportunity to see what schools had produced. All of the entrants are on the gallery page. You can see there were some great images and we are looking forward to seeing what students and teachers come up with in the future. Let us know which one you thought was the best and why.

The competition and award ceremony had been organised with Simon Keily (@aus_teach), a Programs Coordinator at Scienceworks, after we had met at a Teach Meet at Scienceworks earlier in the year and discovered we both had a passion for education and Astronomy. It was an amazing opportunity to have the ceremony at the Planetarium and also…

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