World Space Week 2013!

I enjoyed hearing of the proclamation of World Space Week—Great to hear!

Stardust and Steel

World Space Week 2013!

October 4-10 2013 is World Space Week! Sponsored by the U.N, World Space Week is the largest public space event on the planet. This year’s World Space Week focuses on “Exploring Mars, Discovering Earth”. There are a total of 922 global events registered in association with World Space Week: check out this map and find something going on near you! (

In honor of WSW, I will be wearing space “swag” all week long. Thanks to my awesome friend Jalieel, I have a new space shirt and necklace to wear throughout the week, in addition to the space jewelry, pins, and shirts I already have. Hoping to share some pictures at the end of the week!

On October 11, (right after World Space Week’s end), I’ll be going to the Missile, Space and Range Pioneers Fall Banquet, hosted with AIAA and the National Space Society. Bob Sieck, Apollo flight engineer…

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