PREVIEW for Saturday’s post: Further Defining Life

Finding a consensus for a working definition of life is among the hardest problems which astrobiologists tackle; for every nuanced school of thought there seems to exist a different definition. For those who don’t understand—

Take the following result as an example (using Google scholar):

Note that the search took less than a tenth of a second to produce 14,000 results. The current state of cutting edge research does not fair better (as the comments to my previous post may be indicative), and some mainstream scientists would insist that to define life exposes science to the “slippery slope argumentation of theology.” And, what is meant by the terms slippery slope is the definitions become devoid of empirical evidence (and meaning)—which is a cardinal sin in the pantheon of science.

So, can we give new insight to the scientific definition of life? Perhaps, we should look at how various scientific disciplines define life and the way the in which definitions are utilized.

concluding on Saturday (8/31/2013)


7 thoughts on “PREVIEW for Saturday’s post: Further Defining Life

  1. Erik Andrulis

    Oh, the definition conundrum…so many definitions…each describing part of the elephant, but not the whole thing. Only a complete theory will reveal the elephant. Peace, Ik

  2. Erik Andrulis

    Oh, and being the scientist, I welcome the notion of committing the cardinal sin in order to arrive at complete scientific understanding of life.

    1. jaksichja Post author

      One last comment– I have a diverse following. The last I checked there are a few non-science—so I apologize if at times I come across over-simplistically. Sometimes it is plain hard for me to find the correct tone for all readers. Take care. . . .

      1. Erik Andrulis

        No apology necessary. Your writing style is very clear and your content is top notch. You’re right on the money. Peace, Ik

      2. Erik Andrulis

        Bless you brother. What a beautiful man and son you are. Peace to you and your pop. I just lost mine to Parkinson’s disease so I feel you.

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