New Directions–

Source:  NASA

Source: NASA

New directions and perspective.


Within the next 7 days, I will re-focus my attention upon the public’s perception of  astrobiology and astronomy. I have, for the most part, been interested in public outreach for the last several years. And, I am attempting to take my cue from the call from certain science communicators to make aspects of science readily understandable. (see reference at end of post)

I will still post technical articles (from time to time) but I feel that the lack of science literacy is based (in part) upon a reluctance of a “skittish” public to enjoy science which they feel is not relevant.

Because of the current sequester, I feel the time is ripe for many of us to address pubic outreach in a different manner–utilizing our personal resources and passion.

I am reminded of the herculean success with which the late Carl Sagan communicated a love for astronomy and the sciences–and there are those who successfully carry on with his mission. I am not attempting to duplicate, nor usurp their efforts. Rather, I hope to carve my own path.

I hope to not lose many of my current “followers,” but I hope you will find time to comment and remind me of its relevance.

See you in day or two–


I am taking a cue (in part) from the following reference and their mission statement: (please note that  I use it only as reference)

I am not (in any way) connected with the SUNY-Stonybrook nor the Center for Communicating Science at SUNY-Stony Brook.

However, I personally recognize the urgency of “good science literacy.”

I am, also, taking my cue from many successful bloggers and writers (at Word Press). I am sorry if I have failed to mention your name as a source for my inspiration, but the list would be very, very long.


6 thoughts on “New Directions–

  1. Alex Autin

    This is a very commendable effort John, and I for one applaud you. Not only is it commendable, it is also very necessary. This is one follower you have no worry about losing. I’ll be following closely.

  2. Baldscientist

    I second Alex’s statement; I am not going anywhere. Also, you are absolutely right. My favorite phrase of the post is:

    “I feel the time is ripe for many of us to address pubic outreach in a different manner–utilizing our personal resources and passion.”

    Enough Said.

  3. Norman Van Treeck

    I personally could use the “dumbing” down of chemistry and astrobiology. It hurts my head to try and remember chemistry and biology from my basic high school and college courses. But, I won’t be going anywhere either. Your posts do make me learn something new (even if I have to Google for a time) and that is a good thing.


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