This is a very nice post I had…

This is a very nice post–I had received a heads-up e-mail from the APS asking to call my two Senators to roll back the House’s acquiescence of sequestration. Very timely. Thanks!

Science Springs

Atlantic Magazine

This is copyright protected material, so just enough exploration to get you interested.
Mar 12 2013

By Paul Alivisatos is director of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Eric D. Isaacs is director of Argonne National Laboratory. Thom Mason is director of Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

“Cutting the meager amount the federal government spends on basic science would do little to meet short-term fiscal goals while incurring huge costs in the future.

Reuters/The Atlantic

Less than one percent of the federal budget goes to fund basic science research — $30.2 billion out of the total of $3.8 trillion President Obama requested in fiscal year 2012. By slashing that fraction even further, the government will achieve short-term savings in millions this year, but the resulting gaps in the innovation pipeline could cost billions of dollars and hurt the national economy for decades to come.

As directors of the Department…

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2 thoughts on “This is a very nice post I had…

    1. jaksichja Post author

      I have always beleived that you were going above and beyond what alot of us could do. Have you joined ScienceSeeker? I can easily see how your abstracts of current science can easliy fit into some of their categories. It takes alot of work to discern what is good and worth reading from a “general audience” perspective.


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