Bitesize Science 1: The Super Black hole

I thought this post was great and to the point. Done well!


Since I recently got a new phone, I thought it would be a good idea to subscribe to some science news on the Flipboard app (an app that lets you read a selection of different headlines from newspapers/outlets of your selection). An interesting article that I came across was written about the discovery of a giant, super powerful black hole.

Scientists at the Eastern Southern Observatory made their observations using a VLT (Very Large Telescope) on the giant quasar which was powered by a large black hole in its centre and they found that the quasar had an output of power about 2 million times that of the Sun. These extraordinarilly  powerful quasars have been theorised for a long time and have been thought to have a role in the creation of galaxies, however, none that are of this scale have been discovered until now.

This joins many other of the…

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